Lash Shedding


All the hair on our bodies sheds and re-grows. Each part of the body sheds hair in its own cycle.

You might be wondering, what about eyelashes? How many eyelashes do I naturally lose every day and how long does it take to grow them back?

During season change, I receive urgent LASH EMERGENCY messages from clients claiming “all my lashes fell out”.

First, how many eyelashes do we shed per day? On average, we shed about five natural lashes every day. The lashes that shed are not lost forever. Instead, they are going through a cycle of growth and transition, then rest and repeat. At any given time, we have hairs that are in one of the 3 growth stages:

Anagen – lashes grow thicker and longer after coming through the surface of the skin.

Catagen – This is the phase where the growth of eyelashes stops.

Telogen – This is the in-between phase where an eyelash ends its life cycle and is getting ready for a new one to grow.

We are never left hairless, and we never truly notice that we are, in fact, losing hair all the time. It’s just that when you have extended, dark, fluffy lash extensions on those natural lashes, it’s way more noticeable when they fall out.

What can you do when your going through a lash shed? Cleansing lashes properly and regularly with a lash cleanser can prevent the pores in the lash line from being contaminated, blocked, and infected. Book in for infills sooner to keep your lashes full and lush!

We hope that this post helps to clarify all you wanted to know about the lash growth cycle and shedding!

LP xx