Online Eyelash Extension Course

Online Eyelash Extension Course

Learn eyelash extensions to the highest standard. Begin your own lash business in just 4 weeks.

Why Learn From Simply Divine Lashes?


Learn at your own pace from your home or salon.


Benefit from your certified master Laura. An experienced expert in the field of eyelash extensions, as she unveils the insider secrets of advanced lash techniques. This will provide you with the knowledge and confidence on creating healthy, safely applied, long lasting lashes.


Reach out with a quick text or a zoom call, and enjoy ongoing support for a lifetime.


Connect with peers on our exclusive Facebook page, where you can access social media templates and more.


Perfect the in-demand natural look that clients crave, and watch your appointment book fill up with satisfied customers.

More Information

About our classic and volume course for beginners

This all-in-one beginner’s course is aimed at those with no previous skills, wanting to start up their own home lash business. You will learn the highest standard of the fundamentals of eyelash extensions plus how to work on your social media presence.

Classic application is a 1-to-1 technique. This is where one eyelash extension is attached to one natural lash. It provides a natural look that will elongate your clients lashes and leave them with an effortless, timeless look.

Volume application is an advanced technique where 2 or more lash extensions are picked up to create a fan. Training handmade volume with Simply Divine Lashes is a unique education program that will elevate your skillset and knowledge to create full, luxurious dense lash sets that are sustainable for long term wear.

This is an interactive online eyelash extension course, meaning you will receive personalised and constructive feedback from your mentor, optional weekly zoom calls and 24/7 support with any questions you may have.

We are here to guide and support you at every step, both during and after you have completed your course, as your success is extremely important to us.

To help ensure our students are practising safe application techniques, all students will complete the course working on mannequins until approved by your lash mentor to commence work on live models.

  • Certificate on completion
  • Classic and Volume kit including practice doll and products (worth $500)
  • Access to our online community
  • Lifetime access to the online course
  • Ongoing support
  • BONUS: Social media tips & tricks

✓ Lash cycle
✓ Salon hygiene
✓ Health & safety
✓ Product knowledge
✓ Consultations
✓ Lash mapping
✓ Isolation & attachment
✓ Classic application
✓ Layering
✓ Lash Infills & lash removals
✓ Volume fan making
✓ Aftercare
✓ Marketing your business
✓ Exam & certification

• Lash Adhesive
• Practice Doll
• Practice Lashes
• Lash Wands
• Organic Lash Cleanser
• Classic Tweezers x2
• Volume Tweezer
• Lash Remover
• Classic Lashes B Curl 0.15
• Classic Lashes C Curl 0.15
• Short Classic Lashes B Curl 0.15
• Volume Lashes B Curl 0.06
• Volume Lashes C Curl 0.06
• Silicon Lash Tape
• Eye Pads
• Mini Scissors
• Jade Stone
• Lash Palette
• Adhesive Stickers
• Sticky Volume Lash Pad
• Rinse Bottle
• Silicon Lash Pad
• Lash Primer

Q. How long does it take to complete the course?

 You can complete the online components / theory in as little as a week. But retaining the information will take a bit longer. This is one of the benefits of having access to an online course, the information is available to come back to when needed. As for the applications and practise, this will take more time and patience. You will be required to practise on a mannequin to get a feel for tweezer hold, using adhesive, stability and application. You will be required to submit a total of 3 sets of classic and 2 sets of volume applications for feedback. 

 Q: How Long Does It Take To Be Qualified?

 To master Eyelash Artistry takes time and practice. You can start taking paying clients straight out of the course, with a Simply Divine Lashes Trainee certificate you know how to safely apply a set of Eyelash Extensions, building your skills as a Lash Artist. To pass the practical exam takes approx. 3-6 months.

 Q: Are There Any Accredited Courses for Eyelashes?

 The Eyelash Extension industry is completely unregulated in Australia. There is no current Government Accreditation. TAFE and some RTOs offer the Unit of competency, SHBBFAS001 – Apply Eyelash Extension, as part of the Beauty Diploma. The unit is very basic and won’t give you 100% coverage in the latest up-to-date techniques for Eyelash Artistry. In fact, many colleges offer this unit of competency without any actual industry experience. With the Simply Divine Lashes Certificate you can come further within this profession, and you are also eligible for an RPL certificate – recognition for prior learning.

Q. Do you offer a trial period before making a purchase?

Certainly! We offer a two-hour booking opportunity from Tuesday to Friday at our salon, located in the Gold Coast and Brisbane area. During this session, you’ll be guided by Laura, your lash mentor, who will demonstrate the application of classic lashes. This experience will help you decide if you’d like to embark on your lash journey.

Q. What sets Simply Divine Lashes course apart from others? 

You’ll benefit from top-notch lash products, ensuring extended retention for loyal clients. The course offers comprehensive modules, teaching you the art of handcrafting volume fans instead of using typical premade fans, and equipping you with personalized lash shaping skills.

Q. When can I start?

As soon as your full payment is made or your initial payment plan instalment is completed, you will receive immediate access to the course (check your email inbox). Then your lash kit will be prepared in the coming days and promptly delivered to your doorstep.

Check out what our successful student has to say!

What Our Students Say...

Hi, I'm Laura.

I’m the founder of Simply Divine Lashes, specialising in natural-looking eyelash extensions.

After relocating and exploring various odd jobs, a colleague suggested I try eyelash extensions. I dived into research, found my passion, and turned it into a successful home business. Now, I offer a high-quality online course for anyone in Australia interested in starting a home lash business. With instructional videos and a lash kit, you can earn $100-$150 per hour.

Join me and boost your confidence while working from home!

Simply Divine Lashes

voted 6th for top 10 lashes gold coast

Laura Perrett started her eyelash business in 2018 and is now known as one of Australia’s top choice for natural-looking lashes.

Ms Perrett said she opened her Tallai business Simply Divine Lashes to “champion natural-looking eyelash extensions”.

Ms Perrett said she takes around 10 to 13 clients over a four day work week and earns up to $1000 a day.

“The hardest part is getting potential clients to notice the benefits of opting for natural and quality lashes instead of cheaper, damaging ones,” she said.

“I always love it when my clients tell me that people ask if their lashes are real or fake.

“Lash extensions should always enhance, never dampen.”

“Ms Perrett said thanks to “advancements in techniques and materials… extensions can be now be customised to achieve any desired look”.

“A skilled technician can seamlessly create the perfect, natural appearance.”


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Purchase Options:

One Time Payment


or Buy Now, Pay Later with

Direct Debit Payment Plan

4 x Monthly Payments of $412