The Health of Eyelash Extensions


Everyone’s individual eyelash undergoes 3 stages of growth before being replaced by a new lash! This cycle varies between 30 – 90 days depending on age, health and genetics. When your natural lash falls out, consequently the extension will fall out with it. Generally, after 2 – 4 weeks you will experience anything between 30 – 75% of the lash extensions left and this is when I recommend coming back to get your new set of infills!

When applying eyelash extensions, each one is to be applied to each individual natural lash. This requires thorough and careful application for the health and longevity of your lashes. How do you know if your natural lashes are at risk when you’ve had lash extensions applied?

Your lashes will feel sore/achy

They feel and look extra heavy

Your extensions get stuck when brushing them

Not cleansing your lashes

Cheap lashes usually means cheap quality

Brushing and cleansing your eyelash extensions everyday will keep them clean and allow them to grow out healthily. Also reducing the amount of eye makeup will increase the longevity of your lashes, ensuring you look your best for an extended period of time.

Routine care of your lashes can be tiresome but remember – beauty takes work! Your future self will thank you later!

LP x