What Are Lash “Stickies”?


A ‘stickie’ is lash industry slang to describe one lash getting stuck to another lash, whether that be an extension or natural lash.

This happens due to glue instantly sticking when drying or poor isolation.

There are 3 type of stickies as you can see above:
1- Shows a baby lash getting attached to the neighbouring lash. This is quite common as those baby lashes sneak in and it can be hard to see.

2- Is when two extensions are stuck together. This is easy to spot when checking your work at the end of a set.

3- Is when two natural lashes get stuck from lingering glue residue.

Can stickies be damaging?

Baby lashes grow much quicker than a full grown lashes.🌱
If a baby lash get stuck, it wants to grow out and it could pull out the neighboring lash and not grow out fully as the glue has damped its growth.
Then it becomes weak and damages the hair follicle.

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