Will Eyelash Extensions Ruin Your Natural Lashes?


Have you had extensions applied to your lashes and they just didn’t feel right?

Did you instantly want to get them off?


Here are five points to remember when getting your eyelashes applied:


  • Eyelash extensions should NOT feel itchy or feel heavy after application. They should feel light weight, like you forget they’re on.
  • Do they look TOO fake? We want to feel naturally enhanced, not like a drag queen. Applying different lengths will create the illusion of your lash extensions looking “real”.
  • Were they super quick?! You may think the quicker the better. But in fact, it can take time to isolate each natural lash to avoid lashes sticking to each other. Isolation is key to avoiding any lash damage.
  • Were they cheap? If you paid under $100 for a fresh new set of eyelash extensions, you can be sure she is working for less than a minimal wage or she’s cutting corners somewhere.
  • They don’t last forever. Lashes have a short life cycle. If you have more than 50% of the extensions left after 6-8 weeks, then they are most likely stuck together and your own lashes aren’t able to grow out and fall off naturally.

With thorough training and upskill, I have experienced many destroyed lashes over the years. The market in Australia is not regulated which is why we are seeing more and more poorly applied eyelash extensions in the area. People can learn extensions off youtube or a friend and start a business, crazy hey?!

As a client it may be hard to know where to go. Please do your research and don’t choose the cheap, quick option.

Make sure the lash tech checks all lashes so there is no stickies.

Check she is insured and has done a thorough long enough lash training course with an examination certificate.

If you aren’t sure your lash stylist has applied your lashes correctly, come in for a free consultation and we will assess your extensions and let you know if they are applied safely for your natural lashes.

LP x